Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment and Security

Community development is arguably the most important requirement for any successful project in Nigeria today.

Engagement with local communities, the provision of clean potable water, medical facilities, life saving drugs, electricity, adequate shelter, education and employment opportunities are the basic requirements that PetroAfrique must assist in providing.
It is clear that any development of resources will rely upon the provision of community development programmes. Without the willing co-operation and participation of local communities no meaningful project can prosper. The Government also needs to share equitably in the bounty of petroleum production to drive infrastructure and wider social benefit programmes.

  • An integrated, pro-active, CASHES policy is key to profit for the Company; without an effective CASHES programme in place, any project is doomed to eventual failure.
  • The various elements of CASHES are each mutually interdependent on each other, if one element fails, the others will fall with it.
  • A reactive, heavy handed punishing and retributive security policy breeds further resentment with attendant escalation of sabotage and theft.
  • Petroleum companies are the providers of the majority of effective employment in Nigeria and the biggest contributors to GDP; it is axiomatic that a clear and effective CASHES policy is mandatory.
  • Security is deeply affected by community issues and most effectively policed by local communities; they can be the eyes and ears for security of the Company’s field activities.
  • If a community benefits effectively from the Company’s activities, it will have a vested interest in keeping disruptive elements at bay and so will willingly co-operate in liaising promptly with Company security officers to quell any efforts at sabotage or theft.
  • The pro-active community policing model supervised by Company security officers is also inherently cost effective yet brings additional rewards and remuneration to the community.
  • An effective CASHES programme means that not only does the Company and the local community profit but that benefits flow to the nation as a whole.